We received nine applications for Student Research Grants, seven of them serious. Deadline was Oct 15, 2008. These applications were reviewed by the members of the Student Affairs Committee (now known as Student Grants Committee). The applications came from:

Montan University in Leoben, Austria 1
Wuhan, China  1
Freiberg, Germany  1
Nigeria  2
University of East Anglia, UK  1
University of Georgia, USA  1
University of Hawai, USA 1

There were 2 applications which were largely incomplete. Their authors had been notified that they will not be considered as proper applications unless they provide a seriously revised application. That did not happen.

The final selection of awardees was: 

Austin, Jason US$ 2,000
CO2 occluded in pedogenic gibbsite in plaeosols as a proxy for paleo-pCO2

Kim, Seung-Sep US$ 2,000
Flexure modeling with dense seamount cores

Schmidt, Gregory US$ 1,000
Investigation of M-As bonding in ionic structures

Shazad, Faisal US$ 2,000
TecDEM: A MATLAB based toolbox for understanding tectonics from digital elevation models

Zuo, Renguang (Wuhan, China) US$ 2,000
Evaluation of uncertainty in mineral resources prediction and assessment


The following applications for Travel Grants were received:


MATGEOS, Freiberg, Germany, April 11-12, 2008
Travel support granted:

Jan Katrenic, Kosice, Slovakia
Hassan Derakhshan, Shiraz, Iran
Christoff Ackermann, Rennes, France
Enayat Ranjineh Khojasteh, Goettingen, Germany
Elif Akcan, Ankara, Turkey

33rd IGC; Oslo, Norway, August 6-14, 2008

Renguang Zuo, Wuhan, China
Maria Helbig, Freiberg, Germany
Changming Wang, Beijing, China
Syed Amer Mahmood, Freiberg, Germany
Mana Rahimi, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany



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