The Student Affairs Committee has ranked the fourteen 2005 Student Grant Candidates (cf. IAMG Newsletter No. 71, December 2005).

The top five applicants (and their reseach topic) are (in ranking order):

1. Zhijun Chen (China)
GIS-based Local Singularity Analysis Method:  Anisotropic Multifractal Model And Application In Geochemical Anomaly — Identification For Gejiu Mineral District, Yunnan Province, China2. 

2. Anthony Stevens (U.S.A.)
Visualization of Basin Geometry Evolution In Northern Chile Using ARC GIS3.

3. Coralie Genty (U.S.A.)
Geostatistical Relationships Between Pore Facies and NMR T2relaxation Times in Carbonate Reservoirs

4. Deb Prasad Jaisi (U.S.A.; previously Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand)
Modelling Of Technetium (Tc) Reduction by Modified Smectite

5. James D. McCarthy (Canada)
Rule-based Reasoning on Sensor Data for the Evaluation Of Geotechnical Hazard Potential

Each of these five award winners has received US$ 1,000 out of IAMG’s students’ grants program. 

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