The Student Grants Committee under Chairman Tim Coburn has selected four winners from a field of 18 applying candidates for the 2004 Student Grants Awards. The Student Grant Program is intended to advance the development and application of quantitative methods to geology by supporting graduate students enrolled in a formal university department related to mathematical geology. A grant is a cash amount up to US$2,000 plus a one-year subscription to one of the IAMG journals. This program is possible in part due to the generosity of the Mathematical Geologists of the United States (MGUS).

The winning students are:

Raimon Tolosana-Delgado, University of Girona US$ 1,300
Advisor: Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn
Project Title: Coordinate kriging: Estimation of probability density functions

Abani Samal, Southern Illinois University US$ 1,300
Advisors: Raja Sengupta and Richard Esling
Project Title: Multivariate geostatistical modeling of elemental remobilization in the oxidized zone of mineral deposits

Alex Simms, Rice University
US$ 1,300
Advisor: John Anderson
Project Title: Modeling glacio-hydro-isostacy over the last 18ka: Quantitative constraints on the relative sea-level history of the northwestern Gulf of Mexico

Nate Gilbertson, Colorado School of Mines
US$ 1,100
Advisor: Neil Hurley
Project Title: 3-D geologic modeling and fracture interpretation of the Tensleep Sandstone, Alcova Anticline, Wyoming



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