The Student Grant Program is intended to supporting graduate students enrolled in a formal university department related to mathematical geology. A grant is a cash amount up to the equivalent of US$2,000 plus a one-year subscription to one of the IAMG journals.

Olena Babak - Ph.D. student at University of Alberta Version: US$ 2,000
Geomathematical Prediction of Multiple Variables in a Finite Domain"

Ipsita Gupta - PhD student at University of South Carolina, Columbia:
US$ 2,000
Numerical Errors Associated With Solving The Variable-Density Saturated Groundwater Flow Equation: Causes and Solutions"

Haithem Minas - PhD student, Al Marqab University, Libya
: US$ 2,000

John Keller - PhD student, Southern Illinois Univ., Carbondale: US$ 2,000
"Design of a highlyaccurate numerical flow model for the simulation of well hydraulics"

Jonathan Remo - PhD student at Southern Illinois Univ., Carbondale: US$ 2,000
The use of retro-modeling to assess the effect of river engineering on Lower Mississippi River flood stages"

Xiaogang Ma:   US$ 2,000
"The integrated application of kriging method and 3D-GIS in Digital Mine"



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