We received 11 applications (as opposed to twice as many in 2011 when I reminded student chapters and the IAMG membership of the deadline for applications) from:
Canada (1)
China (3)
Egypt (1)
Germany (1)
India (1)
Netherlands (1)
Pakistan (1)
USA (2)

Four are recommended to receive a student research grant. We leave the amount open as this decision should be taken by the council. We suggest that each awardee receives the same amount of money. The following students were chosen:

Seyoum, Wondwosen (University of Georgia)
Determination of Satellite-based Discharge Values and Accuracy in the Nile River, Africa

Cheng, Lilu (State Key Laboratory of Geological Processes and Mineral Resoures, China University of Geosciences)
Fluid dilution as the mechanism for rejuvenation of near-solidus magma bodies

Salati, Sanaz (Faculty of geo-information science and earth observation, Twente University, The Netherlands)
Spectral remote sensing of onshore hydrocarbon seeps-induced alterations

Raza, Shahzada Hassan (Department Of Earth Sciences, Quaid-i-azam University, Islamabad)
Nonlinear modeling of petrophysical properties in fractured reservoirs:  Application from a Himalayan foreland basin

Reported by Helmut Schaeben
Chair of Student Affairs Committee



last update 2013-06-20

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