IAMG provides financial support to students in graduate school or post- doctoral positions for research in the fields of mathematical geology, geomathematics, and geoinformatics. Individual Research Grant amounts may vary and are set by the Student Affairs Committee for each individual case, considering merit of the application and financial need. Guidelines for applications can be found on the website iamg.org under Student Affairs.

From 2005 to 2012 IAMG has awarded more than $54,000 for Student Research Grants.

The purpose of the IAMG Student Travel Grant Program is to provide assistance for IAMG student members to attend and give presentations at the IAMG Annual Conference and other conferences sponsored by the IAMG. Individual Travel Grant amounts may vary and shall be set by the Student Affairs Committee for each individual case, considering merit of the applicant’s presentation, and estimated cost from his/her normal location. The total amount for all Travel Grants for each year depends on the availability of funds (as described below).

2013 Student Research Grant Awards

2013 Student Travel Grants ($1,000):

Fabio Orioni – Switzerland
Daojun Zhang – China
Maryam Moghadasi – Canada
Vipin Joseph Markose – India
Julia Ivanova - Russia

2012 Student Research Grant Awards

2012 Student Travel Grants:

The following students were each awarded a travel grant of US$1000 to attend the 2013 IAMG Annual Meeting in Madrid:

Vipin Joseph Markose (TU Freiberg)
Daojun Zhang (CUG)
Maryam Moghadasi (Univ. of Calgary)
Fabio Oriani (Université de Neuchâtel)

2011 Student Research Grant Awards

2011 Student Travel Grants:

Sanaz Salati (ITC) $1,000 USD
Selin Erzaybek-Balan (UT Austin) $1,000 USD,

2010 Student Research Grants Award:
Samantha Hayes, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale $1,000
Assessment of
potential triggering mechanisms of paleo-landslides on Santa Cruz
Island, California

2009 Student Grants Awards 

2008 Student Grants Awards 

2007 Student Grants Awards

2006 Student Research Grants Awards

2005 Student Research Grants Awards

2004 Student Research Grants Awards

2003 Student Research Grants Awards


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